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What's a Duke to a Daisy?

In the late 19th century "Daisy" was a common slang term for "the best person in their class" typically in reference to women. Just like the flower by the same name, we believe that a Daisy while capable of being independent and strong enough to grow beautifully among the grass and weeds - needs to be handled with the right combination of care and attention, in order for her to blossom.

The definition of a Duke is a man of the highest grade of peerage or in other words a prince. Every woman deserves to be wined and dined by her prince charming.

And so I gave birth to the Dukes of Daisy Companion Escort Service. There are a lot of Escort Sites offering seedy services and "extras". That isn't the image or concept that ties in with what we offer or my morals for that matter. We conduct ourselves on a strictly no sex policy.

What separates us from the countless other "escort agencies" is that our companions are carefully selected based on key qualities that ensure you have an unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable evening. We have a broad variety of Companions that can cater to any taste or event you have in mind - from dinner dates, theatre, weddings, work, social events and more.

Benefits of using our Companion Escorts over Dating

There are numerous benefits of using one of our Companion Escorts, when compared to going on dates with anonymous guys and girls. The most obvious and important is CONTROL:

  • You're in control of who you meet
  • You're in control of where & when the date happens
  • You're in control of what happens on the date
  • You're in control of the role your Duke will play on the night
  • Total Control means you get exactly what you want

After all, this is your time - so it's important that you get the most out of it, with the best possible experience. Based on feedback from 100s of happy clients the pros of using a companion escort for the day/evening/weekend are many:

While relationships can be rewarding, they require a lot of time, energy and can bring stress, emotional drama and heartache. Imagine if you could have all the great perks of a relationship without the hassle and issues that go with it. That's where we come in with our ever increasing league of Companions. Whether you want someone to cuddle up and watch movies with, go for long walks, good conversation, pose as your boyfriend or Girlfriend at work functions or just some light-hearted fun over dinner and drinks - we have a Companion fit for purpose.

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