Benefits of Rent a Friend

There are numerous benefits of using one of our Professional Friends, when compared to going on dates with anonymous guys and girls. The most obvious and important is:

You are in control:

  • Of who you meet
  • Where and when the date happens
  • What happens on the date
  • The role your Companion will play on the night
  • How much money you spend overall

Total Control means you get exactly what you want. After all, this is your time – our companions ensure that you get the most out of it, with the best possible experience. Based on feedback from thousands of happy clients, the pros of using a our Rent-a-Friend Service for the day/evening/weekend are many:

  • Genuine Companionship
  • Complete Discretion
  • Stimulating Conversation
  • Undivided Attention
  • Experience your very own fairytale
  • Hassle free Companionship when you need it
  • Get the right look and personality for your occasion
  • Impress your friends, family or work colleagues
  • No Awkward silences
  • Never get stood up
  • Be seen with someone attractive
  • Variety of dates to choose from
  • Partake in exciting activities
  • Rent a friend or a date
  • Strictly Non-sexual
  • Professional Companions

Although relationships can be rewarding, they do require a lot of hard work, energy and time. As well as the potential to be stressful, emotional draining and the heartache of a break up. Imagine if you could have all the great perks of a relationship without the hassle and issues that go with it. That’s where we come in with our ever increasing league of Companions. Whether you want someone to cuddle up and watch movies with, go for long walks, good conversation, pose as your boyfriend or Girlfriend at work functions or just some light-hearted fun over dinner and drinks – we have a Companion fit for purpose.

Know your date before it begins

When you rent a friend from us, you have the knowledge of their interests, likes and hobbies. That way, you can pick a companion whom you share common interests with, ensuring there will never be an awkward moment from the start, to the end of your date.

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  • Susan Ashbrook

    Hi, I’m interested in working as a managed non sexual escort companion

    • Dukes of Daisy

      Hi Susan, to get started you need to click the sign up button. If you get stuck please contact us.

  • iwona1809

    Hi, I’m interested in working as a managed non sexual escort companion

  • jdurup42

    I am a 57 years young woman, I am well educated, well read and highly cultured. I am described as attractive and funny with a wicked sense of humour. I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them…I am the crazy woman who makes friends on the bus!! I am mixed race, petite and sport a shaved head…a lot of people I meet think I am from Thailand…or a brown Sinead O’Conner…I am not, but am gloriously brown!
    If this is of any interest to you I would be keen to expand. I am interested in becoming a managed non-sexual companion for any gender.

    • Dukes of Daisy

      Hello, thank you for your comment which has been well received. Please apply via our website. We welcome ladies and gents of all ages and backgrounds to meet the varied needs of potential clients.

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