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How I Became an Escort...

How I Became an Escort...

Feb 12

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How Did I Become an Escort...

That was my question about 16 years ago. After flunking out of college, finding a full time well paying job wasn't easy. I was 19 years old, I had no qualifications, no prospects and still heavily relied on my mom for money to go out and party.

The only thing that kept me going through that Summer was women, and my love for them. A close friend and I used to go to the town center around lunch time everyday, suited up looking for 2 things. Jobs and women.

We didn't have much luck with either. I mean come on, who wants to hire a teenager with no experience, and who wants to date a tall, skinny, pale, pimply faced teenager with no job. Nobody. It was then that we ran into a guy called Elvis, yeah that was his real name. He was an older guy, maybe 4 or 5 years older. My friend Jason knew him some how, I didn't care to ask. But when he bragged about being paid to have sex with older, richer women, my ears pricked up.

I thought if someone could pay this short stubby guy with his deformed ear, drooping nose, yellow teeth and receding hair line to have sex with them! Surely they might pay double for me, shit we could do 2 for 1 and do it half price with the type of money he was talking about. Most people wouldn't believe it just hearing the details, but the way he spoke with certainty and vivid details I knew he was telling the truth.

He gave me a number to call. I did. A woman answered, her voice sweet. I explained, she asked me cash or card. I was confused I said I would prefer to get paid by cash. She said "No! How would you like to settle the members fee". She wanted me to pay £150 to sign up. I barely had £5 to last me the month and it was only the 10th.

Anyway the more I thought about it - the more I wanted to do it, 2 birds with 1 stone - women and money from the same source! I was still rough around the edges, but I could change that easily, with regular showers, a few early nights and if I ate healthy perhaps I'd gain weight and drop the pimples! At least that's what I thought...

I still needed money, and my mom was increasingly on my case about getting a job. So I started doing my research, each night after my mom went to sleep, I would turn on our Computer and dial up to the Internet, in search of an escort agency that would sign me up for free. Back then not only was the Internet super slow on dial up, but finding information wasn't easy, finding an agency that was based in London was next to impossible. They were all in the USA!

I came up with the idea that I would start as an independent escort. A week later I got a job as a waiter in a local restaurant. That would keep my mom off my back for now and allow me to save up some cash for my new scheme. A month later I got paid and thought the best thing for me to do was to place an advert in a shop window. I typed up my advert and printed it off several times cutting it into A5 sized sheets.

I took a train into London early Saturday morning, I was slightly nervous though resolved that I would get paid for sex. My advert read "Tall, Dark and Exotic Male Escort Available for intimate massage and all your needs. Satisfaction or Your money back". I got into Kings Cross as it was infamous for female escorts. I decided I would post my home made flyer in all the phone boxes I could find and a few of the news agents that allowed adverts in the window for a small fee. I remember walking into the first news agent, it had an overwhelming smell of incense, the guy behind the counter fat, greasy and obnoxious - looked down at me and said "Vhat do you vant?" in a thick accent. I replied "I want to put an advert in your window, how much?". "£5 for 2 veeks" he said. I said OK and handed him the advert he read it, laughed, then said "No Vay!!" and threw the leaflet at me. I offered him double and he screamed "GET OUT BASTARD!!!". So on to the next shop I went, utterly deflated. Luckily I'm a stubborn bastard!

After being rejected more times than I can remember, I finally found a shop that had a similar advert in the window that read "Massage Parlour, £50 for massage + extras". I paid £8 for a whole month. It was now 4pm, I had spent the whole day running around. It was time to head home and play the waiting game.

Within a week I had a few calls about my add, the first 10 calls were prank calls by kids talking shit. The next few were from men that were bi curious and wanted a naked massage. I was about ready to give up and at last I got a real call from a real woman. We spoke for close to an hour on the phone before she agreed to meet for drinks. I lied and said I was 25 with a baby face. She bought it, she bought me.

She was from the southwest and agreed to meet at a hotel bar not too far from where I lived the following Friday.

When the day came, I was quite nervous. Being inexperienced sexually made me wonder if I had what it took to please her when it came down to it. I showered twice just to be sure I was fresh, I watched porno and this time paid close attention to what the guys were doing rather than the movement of my right hand over my manhood.

We met at 7pm on Friday, I wore my job interview suit with no tie and top buttons undone. She was at least double my age and it showed. She had blond\grey shoulder length hair, wore figure hugging black jeans and smart top. She was attractive, for her age at least. Once we sat down conversation flowed naturally she asked me about my age again, I lied again. We sat in the hotel bar drinking till late. Before we left I excused myself to the toilet, I knew the bar was closing soon so decided it was a good time to put on a condom in advance of what was to come. We checked into the pre-booked double room.

As soon as we got into the room I grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth, tasting the red wine on her lips aroused me and I pressed my body into hers. We collapsed into the room, and tangled onto the bed. I started trying to unbutton her jeans and struggled. "Calm down" she said and took over. I pressed my lips into her neck while unbuttoning my trousers. We had drunken sex for the best part of 30 seconds before I came. I blamed the booze and feeling woozy. In the morning I woke up and she was gone. She left a note that read "This is for the massage, which you still owe me!" there was £300. I was surprised as we had agreed £200 for the evening.

After that night she became my regular. I saw her every 2 weeks. Our 'dates' varied, from staying in watching movies, to shopping where she would buy me clothes, jewellery and shoes. I never received another call from my leaflet campaign nor did I make it back down to London to distribute anymore. I was happy with my 1 regular, that is until she told me she loved me. I knew then I had crossed the line of professionalism into a world that I wasn't ready for, wasn't willing to enter into with her at least. She wanted all the things I wasn't interested in. I broke it off with her pretty soon after that.She accused me of being a con artist and asked for all the gifts she had bought me, some of which were diamonds and designer watches. I gave them back without a second thought. I never heard from or saw her again.

I thought about doing my leaflets again but thinking of how much time, effort, prank calls and the rejection I got from shop keepers put me off.

I called the number again, the same sweet voice answered. This time I had money, I had experience, I had confidence. I agreed to pay by cash. She gave me an address and told me to be there in two days time, I was to be prepared for a physical examination. Eating take-aways for the last 6 months meant I was in better shape, at least where my weight was concerned.

I arrived 30 mins late. It was a bungalow in East London. A fat lady answered the door. I said I'm here for my examination. I could tell by her voice it had been the same lady who I had spoken to days before. I followed her into the spare room. She quickly asked me to take off all my clothes. I was puzzled but complied leaving my boxer shorts and socks on.

"And the rest" she said. When I questioned her she said "Look ere! Don't waste my time, I need to be sure your fit for purpose this how its done! I have a shit load of clients who expect only the best! If you can't hack it then get out!"

She was aggressive, and confident. Although she wasn't easy on the eyes it was kind of attractive. I took my clothes off and she took pictures. She asked me to get myself hard for the next picture. I was on the spot and couldn't perform at the drop of a hat given the conditions. So she gave me a helping hand... it worked.

"Don't get too happy! This is going to cost you!" she snarled. She took a few more pictures. Then she said "Right lets see what you've got!" and started taking her leggings off. she proceeded to lay on the bed and spread her legs of mutton apart revealing a thick, dense forest of pubic hair.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked nervously. "Get on your fuckin knees and show me a good time! If you can't make me cum then your not joining my lot!" she hissed."I didn't bring any condoms, but I have done this before, I've been working as an independent escort for over 6 months" I said confidently thinking I would get an easy escape.

"I don't care what you've been doing boy! Get over here and put your face down there! I don't want your smelly little knob!"

I went down on her reluctantly until my neck and tongue ached. She kept a firm grip on my hair until she cummed.

"Right! Not bad but you need practice, it shouldn't have taken so long to get me there! You pass hand over the cash and get your clothes on so we can take some more pictures!"

2 weeks later I got phone call from her, I had an appointment just outside North East London. She told me it was a home visit, the client was expecting a full service and that they had already paid her, I would get my cut as soon as the deed was done. I got there just after 10pm. knocked on the door and said the key words "I'm here for my examination". It was a woman in her 30s. She said come in we're upstairs. We I thought... I guessed it was 2 women. Great I hadn't yet had a threesome this should be fun.

When we got upstairs sitting in the corner of the bedroom was a man, in his 40s. I was shocked and before I could say anything she said "Don't worry, my husband just wants to watch". I nodded, he smiled. We began.

For the first time I felt like what a porn star must feel like. Her husband started barking orders from his corner like a pit-bull on a chain.

"flip her over! Stuff it in her mouth! Make her choke! Slap Her! Harder! Harder! Take it like slut! Spit on her face!"

Some how this seemed to enhance the whole experience. I got £190 from Beth a week later.

I had several more jobs through Beth's agency over the next 2 years, mostly couples that more less wanted the same thing. I didn't quite understand the pleasure these guys got from watching their girlfriends and wives get done in. Each to their own I suppose.

I stopped working with Beth the day she sent me to a guys house without forewarning me. I got there a man answered so I was expecting another couples gig with him watching or us gang banging her. We got upstairs and there was no one. he leaned in to kiss me, and for split second I was curious how that might feel, so I let him. I felt nothing. he unbuttoned my trousers and took my flaccid cock in his mouth. he looked up at me and said "It's my first time with a man too". He kept sucking, nothing was happening, I simply couldn't get aroused by him. So eventually I started imagining it was a girl I used have a crush on in college. Then I got hard. "That's more like it" he murmured. He sucked hard and he gripped my cock tightly as he stroked it. I came, though I felt dirty afterwards. I got up and said I had to go. he said "what about me?"

I walked out. Never would I do that again. Never would I work for that fat bitch again! Despite having worked under her agency for the last 2 years, enough was enough. I was getting tired of being a male prostitute - having unattractive people pay me for sex was beginning to lower my self esteem. On top of that it was my only source of sexual pleasure.

I enjoyed the social aspect of the job, meeting new people, and being paid. So I started researching non-sexual agencies and found a few vaguely described adverts in the classifieds "seeking companions". I responded to a few adverts all of which charged a join up fee and guaranteed work. Financially I was in a reasonable position so didn't mind investing in something that was going to give me a return with certainty.

I think I spent around £700 in sign up fees with 4 different agencies back then. In the end only 1 paid off and I started escorting ladies out in high class society. My first gig was a little strange, an older lady that wanted me to pretend to be her son. She would literally look after me as if I was child, she would cook for me, run me baths and we would watch the videos of animal documentaries together in which she would simplify David Attenborough's explanations of various species of mammals, while my head was in her lap and she played with my curly hair. I would see her every 3 weeks and spend Friday to Sunday with her. She would always greet me on Friday evening "Ahhh David, how was school my boy? Did you behave for your teachers?". The pay (£500) was more than worth it and I think she just missed her son who had passed away some years ago.  Eventually I stopped hearing from her. I still wonder what happened to her sometimes.

Those were my most notable experiences. Since I began as an escort in 1998 I've been on over 300 appointments both sexual and non sexual. The latter being greater in number as I quit the sexual side after 2.5 years of service. I've escorted all types of people, both men and women. I've posed as boyfriends, cousins, sons and gay best friends to name a few. My experiences have been more good than bad. In fact I've had mostly good experiences with female clients. Male clients can be a little more pushy and often assume that extras are included even in a non-sexual appointment.The worst thing that ever happened to me was having my drink spiked by a "straight male client" who wanted me to pretend to be his cousin from out of town. I won't go into details of what took place but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

In the early days the internet wasn't so full of information and knowledge as it is today, so finding the right agency was very easy. I would say it's harder today because there is so much information flying around out there, it can be tricky to separate the real from the fake.

Those of you wishing to follow the same route I did, be it sexual or non sexual, so long as you follow a basic set of rules to protect yourself. You shouldn't run in to many problems.

Tips for an escort (sexual)

  • Always discuss exactly whats expected BEFORE you go on an appointment
  • Never let money change hands for sex as this is illegal, however receiving a donation is not.
  • Never have unprotected sex no matter what,  it's not worth putting your life on the line for a few minutes of pleasure.
  • Always carry condoms with you and get regular health checks, every 3 months at least if your active
  • Always make sure someone knows where you are going and roughly how long you'll be
  • Never accept a drink, get your own and DO NOT get drunk or take drugs

Tips for Escorts (Non Sexual)

  • Never meet in your clients home or hotel room
  • ALWAYS meet somewhere public and make sure you tell someone where you'll be and for how long
  • ALWAYS arrive and leave SEPARATELY. Call a cab if you have to, never accept a lift home.
  • Always get paid in advance as some might try to get sex from you then withhold payment when you refuse
  • If you go out to dinner or for drinks keep a close eye on your drink and if you have to go to the bathroom order a fresh drink
  • Finally DO NOT GET DRUNK, OR TAKE DRUGS on a date

Tips on Being a good escort

  • Have some good professional pictures taken for your profile
  • Be confident and believe in yourself at all times
  • Avoid any kind of drugs or alcohol on dates
  • ALWAYS take a shower before and after dates
  • ALWAYS Compliment your clients
  • ALWAYS wear subtle perfumes, strong ones will put your clients off you for good
  • ALWAYS be well groomed, dressed appropriately for the occasion
  • PROTECT your identity, never give out your full name to clients, never give out your address, a mobile number is fine
  • keep phone conversations short, don't get into SMS ping pong, you don't want to give your clients the impression that they are in a committed relationship or they can get possessive and jealous.
  • ALWAYS book through an agency, they will usually vet clients by checking the sexual offenders register and keep tabs on where you are going for a booking and how long you'll be. I know Dukes of Daisy does this for their girls as standard and their gent upon request.

Remember the key to success in this industry is to look your best, even if you don't regard yourself as handsome or pretty believe me someone out there will. Being able to present yourself on paper is a MUST, as people will want to read about who you are before they decide on if you'll be a good match for what they have in mind. A positive easy going attitude helps. More importantly than all that - protecting yourself comes first, then the money, then the good times.

In short, the easiest way to getting into this rewarding line of work is to sign up with an agency and let them worry about all the marketing and vetting clients to keep you safe and out of trouble. You can sign up with Dukes of Daisy Escort Agency Here.

I welcome any comments and questions.

Feel free to ask away and when I have time I'll answer so be patient.

Peace and Love


Copyright © 2013 Dukes of Daisy

13 comment(s) so far...


Re: How Did I Become an Escort...

Hey Mat,

Great read though a bit long winded mind. Do you still have Beth's number? Why did you quit seems like you were into a good thing there mate!


By Avid on   Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:41:34 GMT

Re: How Did I Become an Escort...


Thanks for your comments, I'll keep them in mind next time I write something. I passed on the phone number not long after I quit and Beth's line was disconnected - at least that's what my friend told me all those years ago.

As to your other question... I got involved with a client and we've been happily together ever since. It's not uncommon for it to happen. Naturally she didn't want to continue sharing me!


By MataDor on   Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:44:51 GMT

Re: How Did I Become an Escort...

Sounds similar to my own experiences (aside from the homo-sexual experiences). I went from sexual to non-sexual. A lot of guys trawl the internet like crazy looking for a sexual agency and most of the guys I know have switched to non-sexual very soon after. The thing is about sexual agency once you accept the job you got no choice and the women you get are usually very unattractive. At least with non-sexual you dont have to sex unless you click and it feels right then you can do it and it's got nothing to do with "extras" just 2 adults having fun after a nice meal and some drinks.

By Jermaine King on   Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:45:24 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Well done, there are loads of young girls that become escorts in our local area.

By female escorts london on   Fri, 14 Feb 2014 22:36:31 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

I liked reading about your situation and how you became a male escort. I am looking into how to become a male escort but I live in phoenix AZ. Are there any places in the USA that i could contact?

By Dante on   Fri, 28 Mar 2014 00:43:11 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...


I really enjoyed your article. having had a lot of similiar experiences its nice to know that someone else has gone through them too. i struggle to find anywhere people who understand what its like to work in this industry. i am going to sign up with dukes of daisy and hopefully ill have some success as I agree, the socialsing side and the randomness of the fun you can have makes it exciting and hard to go back to 'regular' work.

All the best


By Kayleigh on   Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:29:11 GMT

I'm seriously thinking about doing this

Hi there , I'm a 40 yr old guy, look at least 10yrs younger but going to join daisy I think soon..... I'm fair, good looking (women not a problem), but love company, he'll even guy company. .. any advice p's I'm of Indian origin s where my mother would kill me if she ever found out.... Thanks

By slick007 on   Wed, 24 Dec 2014 17:34:45 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Hi there mate!

My advice is use an alias... it's unlikely your mother would be browsing these kind of sites unless she's a little lonely and handy with a computer ;-)


By MataDor on   Mon, 29 Dec 2014 18:18:47 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Very informative and very well written. Thanks for putting up so much great information on your post. A good resource for males wanting to enter (or already in) the business of being an escort.

By Bevis on   Fri, 03 Jul 2015 07:30:14 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Love this. What a lovely ending..Nice one love xxxxx

By Marcia on   Sun, 13 Sep 2015 22:48:39 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

I'm so happy to see the diversity of blogs mentioned. They've been around for quite some time. It's great to see some kind of acknowledgement. Well done, there are loads of young girls that become escorts in our local area.

By Root on   Thu, 03 Dec 2015 11:45:08 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Thanks Marcia ;-) xxx

By MataDor on   Tue, 08 Dec 2015 17:49:00 GMT

Re: How I Became an Escort...

Thankyou for sharing your story. It was kind of you to give tips and positive advice as it's very useful for people who would like to become escort,s.

By Angelina on   Mon, 22 Oct 2018 10:07:36 GMT

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