Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

  • Where should I arrange to meet my chosen non sexual escort?

    It is up to you where you would like to meet, we would suggest meeting in a public place such as a bar or restaurant. As our escorts are non-sexual, it is generally not allowed to arrange a meeting at your house or hotel room.

  • What is the hourly charge for renting a friend?

    All our companions set their own hourly rate. Some of them charge as little as £50 an hour. There is a 2 hour minimum booking amount on all non-sexual escorts on our site.

  • What happens if an independent escort does not turn up for a booking?

    We do not take any deposits on behalf of independent escorts. However, should an escort let you down, please use the contact page to inform us, so that we can investigate. If need be we will help you get any monies back that you have paid the escort in advance and will remove her from the website accordingly.

  • What does verified mean on escorts profiles?

    Verified Escorts have sent us a copy of their driving license or passport to prove their identity. This gives you peace of mind as you know the escort you are booking is the same person from the pictures.

  • How much deposit should I pay an independent escort prior to meeting?

    This is between you and the escort, however, we recommend paying no more than 10% of the total booking amount – unless of course there are significant travel expenses involved.

  • How do I pay for my chosen escort?

    You should pay your selected friend in cash at the start of the date. A 30% deposit will need to be made in order to secure your booking if you choose an escort who is managed by us. This will be taken securely by card and will appear on your statement as IT Services in order to maximise discretion. The deposit is completely refundable so long as you give us at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.

  • Do I need to register for an account to book a non-sexual escort from your website?

    You do not need an account to book any of our non-sexual escorts. You can contact any of the escorts on our website by e-mail, SMS or calling them depending on their chosen method of contact.

  • Can I speak to my chosen non-sexual escort before the date?

    Only if the non-sexual escort you have chosen is independent i.e. manages themselves. Otherwise, you can request for a managed escort to call you on withheld number once the deposit has been paid.

  • Am I expected to cover all costs during the date?

    Yes, you should cover for all costs during the date such as food, drinks etc. You do not have to pay for your chosen Friend’s travel expenses to and from the date unless this has been previously agreed.

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