What clients are saying about our Friends to Rent

"What a night! I just wanted to say I had an amazing time with Aaron and he treated me like a Lady! I will be booking again soon!" Anita, London

"I work long hours and don't have time to play "Dating Games". I'm in my 40s and occasionally want male company and a simulating conversation with a bit of humour and charm" Anonymous, Milton Keynes

"I was a little bit nervous when thinking about using male escorts, a colleague uses this service monthly and spoke highly of Darren. Once I got in contact with Darren over the phone he put me at ease. We met in a pub close to my office for drinks and meal. He was a perfect gentlemen and he filled my evening with lots of laughs. Will definitely recommend" Margaret, London

"First time doing anything like this, a little nervous - more excited if I'm honest. I had always been bi-curious so I booked Rose for some flirting and dancing at a bar. Needless to say it was a fun night and would definitely consider the opposite sex again" anonymous, London

"Nicole seemed like the type of woman I had always been interested in but never confident enough to approach on the street or at a bar. Having a woman like her all to myself for the evening felt great and would encourage other gents to try it out for themselves before they shake their heads" Dale, London

"I just want to thank you so much for making it possible for me to have such a fun night. After my divorce 2 years ago I lost all my confidence and thought I'd never be able to go out with men again. I decided to book Aaron based on a testimonial I read on the site. Either we really connected or he is damn good at what he does!" Lindsey, Basildon

"My husband works long hours that involves a lot of traveling. As our children have all left home I tend to get lonely. Using an escort gives me some of the much needed attention that one can only receive from a man, it is surprising indeed what conversing positively with a well balanced man can do. Until my husband retires I shall continue my weekly dinner appointments." Anonymous, Chelsea

"He was a true gentlemen, charming and handsome, I had a wonderful night and have booked him for another date after payday! Many thanks" Elle, Birmingham

"I suffer from anxiety on and off it affects me mostly in big social events. In the past I would always avoid any big gatherings particularly work parties unless I could find a friend male friend to go with me. I went on a trial date with David so I could get a feel if he was right for the monthly office do where they encourage partners along. We got on well, he has a really calming effect that I can't quite explain and I have placed my next booking for next month." Kate M, East London

"Visiting the great city of London is always a pleasure, though not in the winter. Summer months are pleasant and more bearable than Delhi I can assure you. It is always nice to have a female companion to enjoy myself at the Theatre House and in a traditional English beer garden. I wish Daisy will continue to look after me upon each visit with good company from her companions." Vimal Patel, Delhi

"I have used escorts or 'friends' as their referred to here for many years. My regular from another agency has sadly settled down now with one of her clients. So I came across Amber after much searching online. She isn't anything like my previous regular - in fact she is a big improvement, here's to hoping she won't soon settle down" Richard, Bristol

"I met Celine in a bar in London, she was very attractive as her pictures suggest and we had a pleasant evening together. Will book her again when I can" Neil, London

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