Female Escort Holly Rose

Race: British
Availability: Days, Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends
City / Town: Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Leicester, London, Nottingham
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Additional Locations:

Coventry Escort
London Escort
Birmingham Escort
Leicestershire Escort
Cambridge Escort


Height: 5"3
Smokes: Occasionally
Body Type: Average
Activities: Bars & Clubs, Black Tie Events, Business Coaching, Cinema, Concerts, Cooking Lessons, Dinner Companion, Family Parties, Fancy Dress, Girlfriend Experience, Hanging Out, Holidays, House parties, Live Music, Opera, Painting, Picnics, Pose as boyfriend or girlfriend, Pose as family member or friend, Prom date, Public Events, Rent a date, Rent a Friend, Role play, Shopping trips, Social Companion, Weekends away, Wine tasting, Wing man or woman, Work Functions

I’m a young and vibrant woman, who cannot wait to meet someone to spend quality time with and getting it know better. I love meeting new people and have a good job that Involves me


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