Friend, Companion and more

Race: Pakistani
Availability: Days, Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends
City / Town: Coventry, Dudley, Lichfield, Walsall, West Midlands, Wolverhampton, Worcester
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5"6
Smokes: Never
Body Type: Average
Activities: Ballroom Events, Bingo, Bowling, Business Coaching, Chauffeur \ Driver, Cinema, Concerts, Cooking Lessons, Dance Classes, Dieting Partner, Dinner Companion, Family Parties, Girlfriend Experience, Gym Partner, Hanging Out, Holidays, Horse Riding, House parties, Live Music, Picnics, Pose as boyfriend or girlfriend, Pose as family member or friend, Rent a date, Rent a Friend, Shopping trips, Social Companion, Theatre, Theme Parks, Walks along the beach / park, Weekends away, Work Functions

I do not have photos of my face on here for privacy🫣 but please message and request them to be sent privately, i promise that you will not be disappointed 🤩🤩
Here to keep you company and make sure you don’t feel lonely
I am happy to make sure you get the experience you require from a companionship and have you leaving knowing you had fun
I’m always smiling which I always got myself into trouble at school and college, but i stil aint learnt 🤣😂
I find joy in the smallest things.
I love cooking with family and friends. Im not the best cook in the world, but i can say you would love my asian food😉😉
I love cuddling up and watching movies,
I am also available if you need someone for a full day or night, if you don’t want to feel lonely at home😉
If you have a holiday or a weekend away booked and want a travel buddy then i can travel with you if travel expenses are covered🤪
I’m down for most things whether you just need someone to talk to or need a cinema buddy or a date night companion,
I dont drink alcohol at all, I feel that I can vibe without getting drunk 😬💃
I am great company and enjoyable to be around. I love to listen and always go out of my way to make others comfortable and feel listened.

P.s I would prefer meeting in private due to privacy reasons
However if needed then i can socialise too😘
I do work most weekends, so I would need atleast 1 week notice in advance to make sure we are on the same page xx


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