Friendly, outgoing Male escort South West

Race: English
Availability: Evenings, Weekends
City / Town: Cornwall, Devon
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Black
Additional Locations:

Available for bookings in Devon, Cornwall & Bristol. Open to potential further locations.


Height: 5"11
Smokes: Never
Body Type: Athletic
Activities: Black Tie Events, Concerts, Dance Partner, Dinner Companion, Family Parties, Hanging Out, Hollistic Therapies, House parties, Live Music, Meditation, Opera, Public Events, Social Companion, Walks along the beach / park, Weekends away, Work Functions, Yoga partner / Teacher

Hi there, I’m James, I’m here to make the escort experience all about you.

I’m a great listener and understand female communication well, in fact I actually teach this to other men to become the divine masculine.

Super friendly, outgoing, easy going guy that will make sure you have a great time and not have to worry about any social awkwardness.

I certainly have a cheeky side to me which people comment that they love about me!

I like to take care of myself and my appearance by being well groomed and spend time in the gym, I’m far from being all about looks though.

I wouldn’t say that I’m you’re typical kind of guy, I’m very in touch with myself on a self love and spiritual level, so if you are looking for someone with some depth to them, then I’d certainly be for you.

I love meeting new people and love to have fun! Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to view my profile. I am really flattered and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Best regards James


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