Male Escort Daniel

Male Escort Daniel
Race: English
Availability: Evenings, Weekends
City / Town: Brighton & Hove, Kent, Maidstone, Surrey
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Additional Locations:

East Sussex
East Grinstead
West Sussex ( within reason)


Height: 6"2
Smokes: Never
Body Type: Muscular
Activities: Bars & Clubs, Black Tie Events, Chauffeur \ Driver, Cinema, Concerts, Dinner Companion, Gent for hire, Gym Partner, Holidays, House parties, Live Music, Mature Escort, Motor Bike Racing, Opera, Picnics, Prom date, Public Events, Rent a Friend, Shopping trips, Social Companion, Swimming, Tennis Games, Theatre, Theme Parks, Walks along the beach / park, Weekends away, Wine tasting, Work Functions

I am a calm, laid back gentleman to be with, some would say an easy going person who will make a lady feel totally relaxed and at ease in my presence.
I am old school with my manners and values towards ladies so you will not be disappointed.
I keep myself in good shape and have always been active in some form of sport activity, ie gym/squash/swimming/ motorsport.
I owned a successful landscape gardening company for 27 years but have now diversified into the building and construction trade.
If you are looking for a Gentleman who will make you feel relaxed, safe and able to enjoy your time, then please choose me as you will not be disappointed


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