Manchester Elegant Escort Barb

Manchester Elegant Escort Barb
Race: English
Availability: Days, Evenings, Weekends
City / Town: Manchester
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Additional Locations:

Happy to travel anywhere


Height: 5"7
Smokes: Never
Body Type: Athletic
Activities: Art & Galleries, Bars & Clubs, Black Tie Events, Bowling, Business Coaching, Chauffeur \ Driver, Cinema, Concerts, Cooking Lessons, Dance Classes, Dance Partner, Dieting Partner, Dinner Companion, Family Parties, Fancy Dress, Football Games, Girlfriend Experience, Gym Partner, Hanging Out, Holidays, Hollistic Therapies, House parties, Life Coaching, Live Music, Mature Escort, Picnics, Pose as boyfriend or girlfriend, Pose as family member or friend, Public Events, Rent a date, Rent a Friend, Role play, Rugby Games, Shopping trips, Social Companion, Swimming, Theatre, Walks along the beach / park, Weekends away, Wing man or woman, Work Functions

Happy , confident and outgoing and sociable
Educated to masters level with plenty of life experiences and a thirst for more. I’m A-political and not religious but respectful of diversity and culture and as a life long learner I’m open to change.
I Exercise daily but I’m not a gym bore! I love watching all kinds of sports.
Dress size 10, slim and athletic build.
I Follow ketogenic diet lifestyle (no carbs) but I still enjoy dining out and dining in . I love nutrition and learning how to keep my body healthy.
I have regular beauty treatments to ensure I look my best at all times and take pride in my appearance.


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