Nottingham Female Escort Mya

Nottingham Female Escort Mya
Race: British
Availability: Weekends
City / Town: Nottingham
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Additional Locations:



Height: 5"1
Smokes: Never
Body Type: Slim
Activities: Bars & Clubs, Black Tie Events, Cinema, Concerts, Cooking Lessons, Dance Classes, Dance Partner, Dinner Companion, Family Parties, Fancy Dress, Hanging Out, Live Music, Meditation, Weekends away, Wine tasting, Work Functions

Hi all,

I’m Mya, your ideal companion! Fun, witty, sociable, considerate, a very open minded person but most importantly of all guaranteed to always put your needs first!

My hobbies/interests include, dancing (though needs some improvement) ha. Cinema dates, wining and dining, social events, even the odd bit of kickboxing occasionally thrown in. Oh and I love a good ghost tour.

Whether it’s a black tie event or a more formal low key affair, something more adventurous to something more casual, then look no further. I’m also very much open to new experiences, so lead the way!

And I hope to hear from you soon,

Love Mya xx


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