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A lover of people and an all round generous and humble guy! Book Pasha today!
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I'm a relatively fit and healthy 52 year old man who doesn't look my age....or so I'm told! I'm a full time student studying Criminolgy at the University of West London and also work part time at La Fromagerie in Bloomsbury as a Maitre D and Front of House Manager. I'm a Londoner born and educated but I'm half Scottish and half Albanian Muslim from Kosovo. I've lived in Kosovo as a child and have also lived in Andalucia, New York and San Francisco as an adult. I trained as a professional dancer and stopped dancing when I was 30 and concentrated my career in the hospitality sector working for some of the most prestigious places in London. I currently reside in Brixton in my own cute 1 bedroom garden flat. I'm a keen movie buff and love theatre too and dining out is second nature to me. Love long walks as well. Finances are a bit tight at the moment so I believe this would be a good way of earning some extra and utilising my personal skills and love of people.

I think it's important to note that I'm also a recovering alcoholic and addict and am currently 7 years clean and sober, and I state this so that the kind of "friends", "dates", or clients that will choose me, will not be scared off by this. If anything, apart from saving my life it has enriched it beyond, and made me a better person for it, the person I am today. This is not to say that the person I'm with can't drink. On the contrary. Please note though, I'm not carrying you home! Laughter is important, hugely, and I often laugh at the silliest and sometimes the most inappropriate of things. I'm not conventional but I'm courteous, respectful and generous of heart and spirit.

I'm also a huge Marvel fan. I know, I know, but hey. I have been since I was seven years old when I formed a Marvel Fan club, then at 8 invented a Marvel board game based on Monopoly and Cluedo. So yes the inner child is strong with me!

You be you and I'll be me and I believe we'll get on famously!


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