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Damian Washington

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A man of many interests and hobbies who is eager to share his time with all of you lovely ladies out there! Contact directly: Email: Phone: +447448280815 Hourly rate: £50
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Damian Washington

Phone:  +447448280815



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Dark Brown



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Women Only


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London, Birmingham, Oxford


Hello there, my name is Damian Washington and I can say that I am a very strong person inside and out. My friends always tell me that, no matter what happens, at the end of the day i manage to make people smile, laugh, and wonder in the same time. Communicate and meeting new people, is something that has been giving me pleasure ever since i remember myself. I love learning and knowing other cultures. I'm always in hunt for new places and adventures in every different kind. I'm addicted to nice food and, even when I have time, I love its preparation and, also to experimenting in the kitchen. I love to put and give my full attention to everyone I'm with, no matter friends or family I always make sure they have everything they need, amazing time and, enjoying the time with me. I'm a good storyteller and, in the same time I'm a great listener.

My interests include:

● Sport - Weightlifting, Fitness, Martial Arts, Climbing, Cycling, Bodybuilding, Running, Swimming,

● Cookery – Traditional, Italian, Exotic, In search of new and delicious recipes of any type of kitchen! ● Music – Jazz, Classic, Rap & Hip Hop, Rock, Country Music, Spiritual Music, live music, Bands, Concerts, etc.

● Reading – Philosophy, Psychology, Classical and Modern Literature, Poetry, History, etc.

● Hobby - Walking, Playing Video Games, Chess, Pool Billiard, Playing Football, Writing, Learning new things, etc.

● Funn and Relax - Piano bars, Cocktail bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Theatres, Cinema, Cartoons & Anime, Smoke Cigars, etc.

If you find me for an interesting person and someone with whom you will feel good and nice. Then book me and let me to introduce you to my world and everything in it and out it. My range of interests is not limited only to the above listed, I am very wide open person and always open for suggestions, new things and, adventures!


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