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I am an enlightened and nurturing man who just wants to take care of your needs.
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Short. Brown with a touch of grey.


5' 10"

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Women Only


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I will travel outside of my area. However travelling expenses outside my area should be covered by the client. Can be negotiated.


Hi there, my name is Scotty and I am here to put you at ease, to help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and most of all, to see that you are happy. My only concern is your wellbeing, seeing you smile and laugh is the best reward anyone can give or receive. And when we part ways, I hope that you leave more than satisfied. I respect everyone for who they are and I am always discreet. Life’s adventures and good times should always be shared.

I’m from Glasgow and have stayed there all my life. I have been a home support worker for most of my working days, so looking after people is natural to me. Making sure that people live life to the full as much as they can, to see you happily laughing has always brought me the reward of satisfaction, knowing that I’m responsible for your wellbeing and happiness. However I’m looking to upgrade my life in every way I can, hence my profile on Dukes of Daisy. I want to travel more, meet new people/new friends, experience new cultures, move to the US (California). I’m setting my sights far and wide.

In the past few years I have become a lot more open minded, philosophical and spiritual. For instance - A wise man understands that he doesn’t know everything, but is comforted in the knowing that everything in creation is perfect, just like you - So, whatever you ‘think’ that you can or cannot do, either way, you are right. With that being said, i am an enlightened individual that seeks and spreads knowledge. 

I am very laid back with a calming, positive and happy nature. I’m a very well mannered gentleman. Simple but focused on where I want to go and get out of life. Being a male escort is a great privilege, meeting new people and seeing you happily satisfied, in whatever it is that you require of me. I am there for you, your pace is my pace.

As I say, I'm in the Glasgow area, however, I am willing to travel outside of this area subject to reasonable travel expenses i.e train tickets, hotel.

Well, I hope that you are satisfied with my profile and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I do hope to meet you soon. Your pleasure is my business.

My hobbies/interests

Sport - Watching Baseball (Tigers or Giants). International Rugby (six nations)
Reading - The Law of One, Tao Te Ching
Researching - History, Current events (Outside the box research, I.e non-mainstream)

Music - Have a varied taste, so I can easily listen to Celtic, Rock, Country, Pop etc. The last live gig that I saw was Red Wanting Blue in the US (Ann Arbor, Michigan).
Food/Cooking - I prefer Indian food, but also like Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mongolian. I do cook at home but would like to expand on my limited skills.
Musical Instrument - Air guitar/drums
Fitness - I like to keep fit by going out on walks into the countryside, nature trails etc.
Socialising - Keeping up with friends and family.
Fun activities - Ten-pin bowling, crazy golf, cinema, board games



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