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central London, middlesex and greater London


As a chef I’ve always had a passion for food & meeting new people and finding out what food they enjoy and like to cook I'm forever making  my friends cry with laughter. I’m well mannered with a cheeky personality and smile to brighten up you’re day.

I’ve always been a people’s person easy to speak to. With cooking being a massive part of my life it has shown and taught me new things from languages to music and different countries around the world, aswel as meeting wonderful and amazing people and creating loving memories.

My greatest gift is my ability to put a smile on anyone’s face and make them feel just as special as they are. Eye contact is the key to any deep and meaningful connection

Pick me and allow our eyes to lock and experience new things.

• Cooking food for the soul aswel as trying food from all over the world

• Yoga – happy mind happy body

• Art – weather the odd painting or a visit to the galleries or volunteering for nude life drawings.

• Reading – from auto biographies, to elevating the mind body and soul to crimes against humanity.

• Music – for me music is a way of life just how food is but music is a language we all speak

• Sports – football has always been a part of my life but as I’ve got older I’ve grown fond of many more sports.

• Dancing – just like music I feel when two bodies connect and become one and move to the sound of the best it can create one of the best chemistry.

book me and we can indulge in the following.

• Dinner dates

• Cinema

• Art galleries

• Deep tissue body massage

• Role playing

• General conversation and laughter

• Cooking classes

• Yoga and meditation

• Boyfriend package

I have a wide variety of interests that I’m more than happy to share. If none of  that takes your fancy, I’m always open to suggestions and happy to wind  down with a low key evening or event of you’re choice or picking.

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