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I am available during evenings and weekends in London and Brighton.
Hours (min 2) :
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Age: 27
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour/Style: Long, Brown Straight
Height: 5'5''
Body Type: Slim
Smokes: Never
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men Only
Availability: Evenings, Weekends
Cities you are willing to travel to: London, Brighton

I am a graduate in Costume for the Preforming Arts so have a natural love for anything film

and theatre based. I have a huge love for museums, short city escapes and absorbing new

cultures, my favourite weekend escape thus far has been Barcelona. I’m also an avid cook

and baker, as well as eater, being extremely open minded I have a passion for adventurous

foody escapes, food markets, pokey restaurants, good wine and great company. I love to

make people laugh with my dry sense of humour and wit, I’m intelligent but I love being silly.

I believe the sexiest trait someone can have is to not take oneself too seriously, I like to have  fun,I relish being impulsive and I crave adventure and new surroundings.

My interests include music of all ages, yoga, dancing, cooking, dining, visiting new places;

 I am terrible at sports, though I encourage you to laugh at my competitive streak.

I would be delighted to attend a dinner/drinks date, theatre show, a walk around the city, work functions, weddings, live shows or gigs, or anything else you may fancy, I’m always open to suggestions and always happiest with new company.




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