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Amelia Fox

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I am available during evenings and weekends in London and Essex.
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Amelia Fox



Eye colour:


Hair Colour/Style:

Brown, Medium Length


5 "5'

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Client Orientation:

Men & Women


Evenings, Weekends

Cities you are willing to travel to:

London, Essex


I am a lively, upbeat, sociable young lady. I enjoy meeting new people and fulfilling different situations and new experiences.  My friends would describe me as trustworthy, fun and find me infectious to be around. I don’t take myself seriously and am at my happiest seeing other people smile. I always aim to please those around me whether it be a friend, colleague, partner or simply a passer by – a small gesture can go a long way. 

I have a passion for helping people so always attempt to go above and beyond to be that bit more helpful and make someone smile. I also enjoy challenging myself whether that be at the gym, on a climbing wall, in relationships or at work; nothing is ever too big to conquer. 

My interests include:

. Reading – True stories or stories that I can relate to.

. Animals – I find animals bring out the best in a person and are also great listeners.

. The outdoors –I love a walk in the outdoors whether it be through a forest or up a mountain.

. Cooking – hearty, good tasting meals to share plus desserts are my speciality.

. Dancing – although no professional lessons, I do love to dance to any style.

. Music – I love the 80’s and 90’s, plus I do have a soft spot for country music. 

But most of all just having  a good time and making the best of whatever situation you may be put in. 

If you book me I will happily participate in virtually anything, I am always up for suggestions of new places to go and people to meet.


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