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I am available during weekdays and evenings in Reading, Basingstoke and Guildford.
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Eye colour:

Blue grey

Hair Colour/Style:

Short blonde


155cm / 5ft3

Body Type:






Client Orientation:

Men Only


Days, Evenings, Weekdays

Cities you are willing to travel to:

Reading, Basingstoke, Guildford


I think it's fair to say at the ripe old age of 47 (soon) that I am somewhat Unique.

I think, my individual and colourful personality makes up for my lack of photos and so to get a look at me, you really need to take a risk and take me out!

I have had a very interesting life and I can pretty much guarantee you will not be bored. I've lived in many places, including a van. I'm adventurous, spontaneious and I do not follow the Law of the Land too well.

I do get nrevous sometimes and can lack confidence but once we get chatting, if I feel comfortable in your prescence, we will probably chat for hours.

Im not highly intelligent but Im not daft and have many life experiences and a brain full of knowledge that needs to be shared.

I am attempting to be a blogger, so like writing, studying and researching whats going on in the world.

I make up poems, can paint/draw. Ive seen far too many films but read very few books. I love serial drama's but apart from the Soaps, I do not watch much n TV.

I cant get my taste buds round red wine and have no reeason, so far to own a posh dress but...if you pick me, I promise ill make an effort.

I don't think I'll embarrass you but you can always lock me in the car until the end of the evening, make an excuse to your friends and get a refund!!

Hopefully, you like my humour and find me intriguing enough to find out more about me.....Look forward to seeing you...Kx

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