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I am available to men and women in Birmingham and London.
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Age: 35
Eye colour: Green
Hair Colour/Style: Dark brown
Height: 5.5
Body Type: Medium
Smokes: Occasionally
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men & Women
Availability: Evenings, Weekends
Cities you are willing to travel to: Birmingham, London
Extended Biography

I love travelling, meeting new people, learning and experimenting new things. I also enjoy cooking delicious meals for family and friends. Recently, I discovered astrology and became an avid learner; I firmly believe that the starts allow us to understand people's minds and hearts better.

Mini Bio
I am a confident, outgoing down to earth , naturally flirty and witty. I love the art of conversation and feel at ease around new people. I also love dancing, theater, movies, open minded people  

My interests include: 

- Reading - Psychology and self development 
- Astrology - the study of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.
- Creative writing - blogging and Short Stories
- Dancing - as long as it has rithm, count me in! 
- Cookery - I love enjoy cooking, have a weakness for Spicy Foods 

Book me this evening and we can share any of the following occasions: 
- Tango, any kind, any day !
- Salsa Dancing
- Dinner Dates 
- Work Functions
- Music Concerts
- Theater
- Cinema
- Comedy Shows
- Cooking or Baking Classes
- Weddings
- Spa Days
- You do not need a special occasion to see me !


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