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beautiful brunette escort in Manchester Rosa


I am an interesting and open minded lady looking for adventures with you!
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Hair Colour/Style:

Brown, thick and wavy



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Client Orientation:

Men & Women



Cities you are willing to travel to:

Manchester, Bolton, Warrington


I’m an action movie fanatic and a foodie, so I won’t be picky if we go out for dinner. I love some interesting conversation and a good debate, as i have an open mind and it gives me an opportunity to learn other people’s views on different topics.


I’m currently studying for my bachelors degree in journalism and English literature and hope to become a travel journalist in the future to bring more focus onto the way smaller countries and communities function. Being paid to travel seems like the most amazing job I could hope to have one day. 


I enjoy active dates such as bowling, dancing and karaoke bars, however I also enjoy nice quiet evening dates and celebratory events like weddings and holiday parties. 

I’m excited to be a companion so that I can learn about the interests of clients and hopefully contribute to an enjoyable day/evening.


Some of my hobbies and interests include: 

  • Oil painting and fine art 
  • Singing and writing music 
  • Cooking and baking (although most of my baking attempts don’t go entirely as planned) 
  • Learning as much about animals as I possibly can. 
  • Watching action movies or historical movies. 
  • Trying foods from new cultures.
  • Video games and gaming events.  

If you choose to book me I’d love to accompany you to events such as:

  • Occasion parties such as Christmas parties, weddings and birthdays.
  • Live music and gigs
  • Work functions.
  • Dinner dates, coffee dates or casual lunch dates.
  • Just for fun events such as dancing, karaoke and bowling.
  • Sport events such as football or rugby matches. 
  • Theatre and ballet 
  • Any classes.   

I’m open to go to any events of your choosing that aren’t on the above list, and there’s no time limit on how long I can offer my company for on the available days. I’m just happy to spend time doing something fun and to have new experiences. I hope to hear from you soon to organise our first booking x 

  • Rosa 



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