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Katie Parker

I am available during weekdays, evenings and weekends in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.
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Katie Parker



Eye colour:


Hair Colour/Style:

Red, Long


5ft 2

Body Type:

Fuller Figure





Client Orientation:

Women Only


weekdays / evenings / weekends  

Cities you are willing to travel to:

Glasgow / Edinburgh / London


I feel I have done a bit of it all... a dancer when I was younger, an amateur actress in my teens with dreams of attending art school which became my favourite hobbie instead!

Now I am a professional woman in charge of my own area and team, working with people of all backgrounds on a day to day basis and improving their life which I adore and would love to share.

A lover of all animals, two beautiful Ragdoll cats of my own and a fish tank still to be filled with beautiful tropicals and one day the hope of a dog to complete the family.

I find myself to be a bit of a food connoisseur... however if you are a vampire you may want to keep looking as without garlic what is life?! Partnered with ever growing more popular Pink Gin as my tipple of choice, the more I have the happier I become, a joyfully happy drunken girl.

I love to read, thrillers especially, and the same goes for films although a romcom never goes a miss. I do find myself a bit of a film and tv buff, something I enjoy discussing when someone else is passionate about the same shows as me! And from acting when I was younger the theatre has become a true love of mine, my favourite show being quite predictable - Les Misérables - but it moves me to tears every time!

I love to listen, hearing about people's lives, I would enjoy you feeling comfortable to talk to me about anything and want me in your company. It is a great feeling to be wanted. I will warn you though that I do tend to laugh at my own jokes without realising it, so it will help if you find me funny, even if it is just laughing at me :)

I am a whole rounded person - fun bubbly flirty cheeky professional serious understanding sad happy... But all in all contagious! I want you to feel like I make your evening complete, at any occasion! I love an adventure and will accompany you anywhere :)


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