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Age: 39
Eye colour: black
Hair Colour/Style: black
Height: 5ft 5inch
Body Type: Medium
Smokes: Never
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men Only
Availability: Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends
Cities you are willing to travel to: Cheshire area
I am a naturally approachable individual, I look forward to meeting new people and always get a compliment for being a good company. Kind and  have a good laugh and I like been spontaneous.

Extended Biography

I am organized  I have to passion for fashion, My friends come to me for advice on choosing their clothes.
I love attending a special event like ladies day, auctions and flower show. trying various food to explore other culture, listen to soul,  jazz and classical music. 
Laughing is good for our sole and I try to have a good laugh with friends and families.
picking me for your special time will be full of good memories taken your mind off daily routine,

My  interest includes: :

-Vintage collections,  Antique Art and furnishing
-Healthy eating and spicy food
-Traveling, to learn the history of places  historic cities
-Music-Jazz, blues and classical music like muddy waters
-Reading on international development, fashion, and motivational stories
-Creative- Fashion, Tailoring and  interior design
-magic- I will surprise you
-Dancing - I enjoy to dance
-Golf, yoga, sauna, and steam room
-Basic etiquette and daily rules of life

I am a woman of many interests and will be delighted to share with you. If you have different interest rather than mine, I am keen to learn new skills. 
I am willing to meet in all big cities and reasonable towns.


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