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What kind of escort are you? Non-sexual
Age: 35
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour/Style: Dark brown, long
Height: 5 foot 6
Body Type: Slim
Smokes: Never
Languages Spoken: English
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men & Women
Availability: Evenings

Cities you are willing to travel to: Liverpool, Manchester,
Hi There, I'm Chloe, qualities that are important to me and form the basis of my personality are, happiness, compassion, positivity, excitement and adventure. I'm kind of a free spirit and believe you should always live in the moment and enjoy every experience to the max. I am also a pretty caring and empathetic person who enjoys taking care of and helping the people around me, whether that be family, friends, new friends or colleagues.
I'm passionate about meeting new people and creating a special connection with them, I always think that one of the best feelings in the world is being able to make another person happy and to see them smile, gives me a little glow inside.

I love travelling, City breaks especially, nothing better than completely immersing yourself in another country's culture and history and sampling their signature dishes and drinks along with admiring their stunning architecture and exploring a museum or two. Just Amazing.

Cocktail masterclasses are also a favourite of mine, I love the variety you get with cocktails and how you get a unique flavour experience with each one. Finding out about the history behind each spirit always intrigues me too.
My most favourite cocktail of all is a rose and lychee martini, it's light, subtle and a little bit fruity, kind of like myself! (Terrible joke alert, sorry! Haha)

Festivals are also on my love list, theres something magical about watching live music outside surrounded by a huge crowd of people all in the best of spirits, all having a brilliant time, such a great atmosphere. Even better when theres sunshine!

My other great love is animals, big and small, but in particular, dogs. I completely adore them. I love going for long walks with dogs, especially in the countryside, and then settling down in a lovely little country pub In front of a roaring log fire with a big mug of hot chocolate or possibly something stronger! (well earned after a long dog walk)

I am so looking forward to meeting you and creating some special memories together.
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