It all started about 14 years ago, when I decided to book my first male escort. I remember being very nervous! In fact, the thought of the whole thing made me want to gag!! My main concerns were what if people found out I used an escort… What if people recognise the escort I’m with? Also, at the back of my mind, I kept thinking about what’s going to happen at the end of the evening? I wasn’t looking for anything sexual at the time, I just wanted someone to accompany me to the annual ball that my company held each year as everyone else seemed to have a partner coming.

I was at an age where people expected me to be married with children, or at least have a man in my life. Being career driven meant I didn’t give much thought to either of those things.

After changing my mind several times I decided to just go for it and got in touch with an agency that had been recommended to me at the time by a close friend. I decided that I’d book an escort for dinner first so I could pan out if he’d be acceptable before I expose him to my colleagues. I spoke to Jonathan over the phone before our dinner ‘date’. He knew exactly what I was feeling and put me at ease.

I booked a table at a restaurant I’d never been to and anyone who knew me wouldn’t be likely to turn up. I got to the restaurant half an hour early and even prepared some questions I would ask Jonathan.

My First Male Escort

When Jonathan arrived; I was expecting a handsome man that would use a bunch of corny lines then try to bed me. He was indeed handsome, but a complete gentlemen. I paid him up front for the 3 hours we agreed upon. Jonathan was considerate, charming and listened closely. He kept his focus completely on me, all night. It felt like I was the only person in the room that night, something I had never experienced. I was completely at ease and in awe of the gentleness with which he handled me. At the end of the evening, we went our separate ways without any awkward goodbyes.

2 weeks later, Jonathan accompanied me to the annual work ball. I introduced him simply as Jonathan. Despite there being unlimited alcohol… Jonathan remained on point and ensured I was well looked after. My boss and colleagues got on well with him. Jonathan always knew exactly what to say; regardless of the situation or the questions.

My experience with Jonathan put me in high spirits for weeks! I had seen another side to male escorts and decided I would definitely use them again.

Non-Sexual Escorts Only

Over the following years I used several escorts from various agencies. I become well acquainted with what was to be expected from a professional escort. Though there were several occasions that my chosen companion offered to ‘come back to mine‘ or tried to get a sneaky goodnight kiss. Most of my experiences were exceptional. I even began recommending some of the gentlemen I met to friends and colleagues. Before I knew it, I had gathered a group of wonderful male escorts. And they were keeping busier through my recommendations than with the agencies they paid extortionate fees to register with.

The Birth of Dukes of Daisy Non-Sexual Escorts

After being made redundant in the Autumn of 2012 – a now close friend (who I had met on an escort date) suggested I start my very own agency. After all, I had built up plenty of experience and already had a good social circle of friends who would become regular clients. More importantly than that, I wanted other women to experience the benefits of having a professional escort at their side. In time this would change the negative perception people have of those within the escort industry.

I started operating Dukes of Daisy through recommendations alone at the start of 2013. I initially only worked with non-sexual Male Escorts (Dukes). I then added non-sexual Female Escorts towards the end of 2013. This was after receiving a considerable amount of requests from clients requiring the company of well behaved ladies.

I would be honoured if you joined our thriving community as a Duke, Daisy or a client wanting to be spoiled. See for yourself how truly rewarding it can be for everyone involved.

All the best,

Daisy Lain
Founder of Dukes of Daisy


  • London Escort Girl

    I used to be signed up with London City Escort Girls, but they are totally rubbish, unprofessional and stole my money. Glad I found dukes which has worked so far, and I am getting calls unlike other sites, since coved-19.

  • George

    Daisy i cant wait to have real fun. What an adventure and a story I will make of it all. Big hugs.

    • Dukes of Daisy

      Hi George,

      We are happy to have you onboard. Wishing you all the best.


  • Marie Conroy

    How much is it to hire a “friend” a male companion let your for an event

  • Gail schofield

    How and where do you start to become an escorts please

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