The key to being in the Rent-a-Friend industry is presentation. You don’t need to be picture perfect! However it’s important to always present yourself well in pictures and in person. Put your best foot forward… Read this great article on how to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and clear.

Wash your face daily

Use a gentle non alcoholic cleanser. Avoid scrubbing hard or using rough facecloths or funnels. These are likely to irritate your skin and cause blemishes to stay a lot longer.

Use a toner (optional)

If you have dry skin, you should avoid using a toner as it can dry your skin out further and cause irritation. Always use an alcohol-free toner, and get a toner that matches your skin type. Toner helps firm and tighten the pores of your skin as it removes dirt and oil.


If you have oily skin, use a light face cream. Moisturise your face every time you wash, shave, and whenever your skin feels dry. Remove Makeup Ladies (& Gents). It can be chore to do this if you’re tired, sleeping with Makeup on clogs your pores which causes inflammation and pimples/zits. Pick up makeup removal wipes they make the job much easier.


If you suffer from acne and regular outbreaks of pimples consider the following solutions:


The things you put into your body can have a drastic effect on your health! The first to show signs of this, unfortunately is your skin. If you eat lots of fatty foods, red meats or processed and fast foods then your liver is going to take a huge hit! Your livers main way of letting you know it’s over worked is through your skin. Clean up your diet by limiting the amount of meat you consume and adding more veggies. Lastly, not drinking enough water will also impact your skin believe it or not! Our body needs plenty water to flush out the toxins. If we don’t drink enough water – the skin tries to flush toxins out through the pores!

Face Masks & exfoliation

Removing dead skin from the top layer of skin on your face usually with a cleanser that contains beads is called exfoliation. I would suggest not using a face mask more than once a week. Exfoliation should also be done infrequently as overdoing it can cause irritation and inflammation. Always read the advice on the label of the products you buy or follow the instructions of a trained professional. That said, in my experience – natural face masks such as clay work best to draw out any toxins in the skin. Just remember that when you initially use a face mask your skin may get worse as the toxins are drawn to the surface!

Body Brushing

Body brushing is probably one of the best methods I’ve found for all over skin health (don’t use it on your face)! Using a natural brush and dry brushing all over the body helps remove dead skin cells and ingrown hairs. With repeated use the skin begins to feel smoother and look healthier as the brushing helps boost circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system – the vessels beneath your skin that help the body detoxify!

Change pillowcases

Your pillowcase collects dust, saliva, sweat that in turn attracts bacteria and ends up on your face every time you sleep. Put your pillowcases through the wash or change them weekly.

Get your beauty sleep

Sleep deprivation and stress can manifest as bad skin, so make sure you’re getting 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every night. Should you have trouble sleeping, trying the stillness method that I use – I lay as still as possible and focus on deep slow rhythmic breathing, after 15 minutes I’ve fallen deeply asleep without even realising it!


Exercise increases your body’s blood flow, which in turn nourishes skin cells. Exercise is also a great way of fighting stress, another cause of bad skin. You don’t need to spend hours and hours at the gym! 30 minutes per week of aerobic exercise is enough to make a noticeable difference to your health!

Wash your hair

Never wash your hair more than 3 times each week, doing so may disturb the naturals oils and PH of your hair. If you have long hair, this is a magnet for dirt and bacteria which in turn will transfer onto your face from your hair! Keep it clean to avoid any issues! Once a week works for me, find out what works for your hair.



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